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DERO is Homomorphic blockchain with enhanced reliability, privacy, security and usability.DERO is industry leading and the first blockchain to have bulletproofs, TLS encrypted network.

DERO blockchain has the following salient features :

  • Extremely fast: 18 seconds transfer time
  • Fast Confirmation: 2 minutes
  • Bulletproofs: Zero Knowledge Range Proofs (NIZK). No one knows who spent what.
  • Sigma Protocol::No one know who spent when and where.
  • SSl/TLS P2P encrypted network
  • Homomorphic: Fully encrypted blockchain
  • Fully Auditable Supply
  • DERO blockchain is written from scratch in Golang.
  • Developed and maintained by original developers.
Please visit https://dero.io for more information.

DERO Web wallet is alpha software.
Core Wallet Version:   UI Version: 0.0.0
Copyright DERO project
This project is covered by DERO license.